I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that all star seeds agreed to before they were born but may have forgotten. These are going to be things that absolutely transform your life and help you to literally remember who you really are at a greater level.

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more about star seeds and the agreements that you had made before you came into this life and the importance of this and the power of this is knowing that first off, if you are here right now reading this blog, then you are a star seeds because you would not perceive or even resonate with something like this or even the word star seeds to click on the video unless you were at some level connected to this part of yourself, to this aspect of you.

And a lot of times when it comes to SAR seeds in general, people misinterpret what it means. A star seed is somebody that is aware of their multidimensionality and who's aware of a larger sense of mission. My guess is that you be in here right now. You also have inside of you.

You feel a yearning for some type of greater mission that you came for even if you don't understand exactly what that is and right now you know that there's something greater to your life than maybe what you're currently living. The truth is we are all multidimensional beings, which means that we exist at many different levels at the same time.

Now, when we are at Earth, what we could call it earth, which is where we are right now. What we do is we forget who we are. We go through what is called a veil of forgetfulness. In this veil of forgetfulness, we forget that we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and we forget that we have a connection to the stars because we are such infinite spiritual beings. We are not limited to only having life experiences on earth.

Earth is one small sector of the whole overall universe and we have connections at many different layers and everyone has connections like this. The difference is that star seeds are more aware of this multidimensionality. Sometimes you may look around and it may say what spiritual awakening, what mass awakening is happening right now, but old structures are falling away because we are now allowing new energy come forth because now is the time of awakening.

If you were to study or look at the books of Dolores Cannon if you want more information on this. Dolores Cannon was a hypnotherapist back in the day. She's been around since the sixties or the seventies and she passed away about five years ago and she's known for a technique that is called QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis technique.

What she was able to do is get people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity. What she would do is have their higher-self come through and then she could ask them any question that you want and their higher self would answer it, so it's almost like the subconscious mind would communicate and what question she could ask is why did this person incarnate at this time? What is this person's mission in this life? What is it like life in between lives? Who was this person in past life?

Who was this person? Or who is this person in a future life? The idea is that any question that wants that content through the higher self, Dolores would ask and get an answer through thousands and thousands of ...

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