These days feeling overwhelmed with life is an all too common feeling and something many people have experienced at one point in their lives. Join Rob today as he talks through the importance of coaches understanding how to manage overwhelm.. Discover how to prioritise your goals, the importance of taking regular breaks and why finding the right balance between ‘eat, move, sleep’ is fundamental to your optimum health.



As coaches you need to be conscious about young people becoming overwhelmed. It is so easy these days to become overwhelmed as life never seems to be ‘off’, everything is always ‘on’. A digital shutdown is recommended to help combat that. A few hours before you go to sleep at night, set an alarm to turn your phone, computer and television off and sit and do something else that you enjoy such as reading or spending time with your loved ones.


To help you manage your overwhelm, you need to know what your priority goal is and then you need to understand what your key tasks are which will allow you to achieve that. Should something else come up that may affect your priority goals, it will need to be turned down or passed onto somebody else who can do it for you.


During the day, learn to take regular breaks. Some people suggest that 90 minutes is the optimum amount of time you should work for before you get a drop in energy, other people say it is less. Work out a time frame that works best for you and always ensure that you are having a decently timed break after you have reached the end of your designated working time.


Eat, sleep, move, manage these three things; this is fundamental for managing overwhelm. You have to ensure that you are eating well, plan your meals in advance to save yourself some time. Always ensure you get enough sleep, some people need more than others depending on their physical movement during the day. We all need to exercise in one way or another, sitting down and doing nothing all day and night is not good for your health.



“As coaches in the beautiful game, if we talk about nothing else..we need to be really aware of overwhelm.”

“If you want to be able to handle everything that life throws at you, you will need to have certain fundamentals.”

“If you don’t manage your overwhelm, you will become overwhelmed, particularly if you are a certain personality type.”

“You have to have the right balance of eating, movement and sleep to maintain optimum health.”


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Rob Ryles is a UEFA A licensed coach with a League Managers Association qualification and a science and medicine background. He has worked in the football industry in Europe, USA, and Africa; at International, Premiership, League, Non-League and grassroots levels with both World Cup and European Championship experience.


Rob Ryles prides himself on having a forward thinking and progressive approach to the game built through his own experience as well as lessons learned from a number of highly successful managers and coaches.


The Leader Manager Coach Podcast is where we take a deep dive examining knowledge, philosophies, wisdom and insight to help you lead, manage and coach in football, sport and life.



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