Torchlit Tavern

Torchlit Tavern

Welcome to Griffonport!

Capitol of Celesion, the largest country of Sharr, Thriving multicultural metropolis and major port city along the Sea of Balfallen.

All are welcome, as long as you follow our laws and obey all law inforcement officials. The King has recently taken ill, but he extends his salutations and wishes you the best of fortune in your ventures within his beloved city.

Visit one our many tourist attractions, such as the Griffonport Docks. The largest dockyard on the Balfallen sea and second most lucrative trade spot in the continent. Or maybe you are in need to healing from one of our major religious temples, be it solace from the Beautiful Nuns of Vespera, The Dour Church of Mors who keep our dead safely entombed, or the Protorum of Numen, crown jewel of the sun god himself.

Our king is not taking court at the moment but his brother may allow an audience if you have royal business. Seek out the palace guard, or leave a request with our royal scrives.

Our Merchant District on Trade Street has many things for the selective buyer and nearly anything you can think of can be found for the right price.

All are welcome, including our new distant national friends The Goblin and Orc tribes of Kinoria, They have moved in quickly and heavily into the areas skirting the west side of our city and are quickly becoming one of our largest populations, though a subset of many of the various races of Sharr can be found here.

Be careful in crowded areas and avoid the city tunnels and sewerworks, they are dangerous places, though any rumors of shady organizations or guilds living below the city streets are I assure you, greatly exaggerated. Our city watch being a group of top notch individuals who run a very tight ship. They are backed and cooperate fully with their fellow lawbringers the palace guard in keeping our streets lawful and safe.

Enjoy your stay,

- Fallon Brightstone, Royal Executor of Foreign Affairs and Tourism

Welcome To Torchlit Tavern,

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