This week, we’re doing something a little different and very exciting: Kobe Campbell is guest hosting an episode of The Refined Collective with her husband Kyle (the hosts of The Healing Circle Podcast). In this episode, Kobe will be breaking down the different types of traumas, the nuances of each, and what they can look like in your life.


Trauma Myth

  • We can sometimes have this perspective of “Trauma” and “trauma” where we have an idea that one is worse than the other. But that is NOT the case!

  • There are boulders (acute trauma) and pebbles (chronic trauma), and even though pebbles are smaller, they become a large mass as the number of pebbles grow.

  • “Our body processes emotional pain almost identically to the way it processes physical pain.” - Kobe Campbell


Acute Trauma

  • A single traumatic incident. 

  • This is what most people think of when they think of trauma. This includes major traumatic events like getting hit by a car, being sexually assaulted, or your house catching on fire.

  • Even going through the pandemic can be considered an acute trauma.


Chronic Trauma

  • Prolonged and ongoing abuse or pain.

  • This might be the fact that your feelings were always dismissed by your parents growing up.

  • “If your internal voice is mimicking the external invalidation you’ve heard your entire life, you’ve experienced chronic emotional trauma.” - Kobe Campbell


Complex Trauma

  • A combination of acute and chronic trauma and/or several acute traumas or several chronic traumas.

  • “Trauma freezes you in time… There are a lot of 9-year-olds trapped in 50-year-old bodies.” - Kobe Campbell

  • Kobe’s husband, Kyle, shares his own story of complex trauma.




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