After Calling Out Future, Meek mill , Joe Budden , Rick Ross & more Dee-1 delivers a raw, unfiltered take on a series of controversial topics, from Joe Budden's clout chasing claims to the weaponization of the word of God in hip-hop. This episode doesn't shy away from the hard conversations, as Dee-1 also tackles the blame placed on Future for Juice WRLD's passing, Nicki Minaj's probing questions, and the quest for authenticity in an industry filled with pretense. Key Discussion Highlights: Clout Chasing Claims by Joe Budden: Dee-1 responds to accusations of clout chasing in the music industry, offering his perspective on maintaining integrity amidst the chaos. Debate on Weaponizing the Word of God: A deep dive into the intense discussion surrounding the use and misuse of religious references in hip-hop, exploring the fine line between expression and exploitation. Blaming Future for Juice WRLD's Passing: Dee-1 weighs in on the controversial discussion about Future's influence on younger artists and listeners, questioning the fairness of placing blame on individual artists for broader cultural issues. Nicki Minaj's Inquisitive Nature: Reacting to Nicki Minaj's direct questioning of Future about drug use, Dee-1 discusses the balance between public curiosity and personal privacy. Seeking Authentic Connections in the Industry: Dee-1 opens up about the challenges of finding real, genuine connections in the music industry, from Meek Mill to Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and beyond, including the symbolic act of asking for a hug in a world of facades. Community Engagement: What's your take on Dee-1's responses to these complex issues? Do you agree with his stance on authenticity and the responsibility of artists in shaping culture? Dive into the discussion and share your thoughts in the comments below. 0:00: 💥 Rappers' personas versus reality, Future's influence on Juice Wrld, and relationship context with Nicki Minaj. 6:10: 💥 Intense conversation with Dee-1 discussing self-belief, overcoming challenges, and his background in New Orleans. 11:16: ⚡️ Rapper takes a leap of faith by pursuing music full-time after working as a teacher and facing financial struggles. 16:32: 💥 Dee-1 discusses the glorification of violence in rap music by mainstream artists and contrasts it with the underground rap culture. 22:19: 💥 Rapper calls out hypocrisy in portraying violent image while being respectful in reality, highlighting the entertainment aspect. 28:10: ⚡️ Dee-1 emphasizes the importance of artists being passionate on stage and using their platform to convey meaningful messages. 33:20: 💥 Dee-1 expresses frustration over business impact, emphasizes giving back to people, and dismisses criticism. 38:50: 💥 Dee-1 discusses the difference between talking about murder and actually threatening it, emphasizing the importance of being specific. 44:05: 💡 Jesus dines with sinners to show compassion and calls out self-righteousness among religious leaders. 49:39: 💥 Dee-1 addresses accusations of clout chasing and highlights the difference between journey and character assessment. 55:10: 💥 Dee-1 confronts Joe Budden's approach and discusses resolving conflicts with Waka Flocka. 1:00:30: 🔥 Struggles of growing up in a challenging environment leading to a hustle-driven lifestyle for survival. 1:05:59: 💡 Encouraging rappers to prioritize financial security, seize opportunities, and be cautious of contracts and entourages. For more exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and extended discussions, support Its Up There Podcast on Patreon at

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