Don dc curry speaks on Katt williams interview's Crossing the line after Katt did the club shay shay podcast and the joe rogan podcast , in this interview you get a chance to see a side of the legendary don dc curry. "In a candid and explosive episode of Its Up There Podcast, Don 'DC' Curry pulls no punches as he reveals shocking truths about Hollywood drama, including clashes with Katt Williams, Steve Harvey, and more. Get ready for eye-opening insights and unfiltered commentary from the comedy veteran!" Key Discussion Highlights: Katt Williams Exposé: Don 'DC' Curry opens up about Katt Williams crossing the line after controversial interviews with Joe Rogan and Shannon Sharpe, shedding light on the aftermath and personal conflicts. Steve Harvey Revealed: Explore the allegations of joke stealing and comedic cadence similarities between Don 'DC' Curry and Steve Harvey, as well as behind-the-scenes tensions. Next Friday Drama: Dive deep into the real story behind Next Friday, including pay disparities, conflicts with producers, and efforts to address issues with Ice Cube. Kevin Hart's Wife Tour: Discover the truth behind Kevin Hart's wife being put on tour and the implications for Don 'DC' Curry's career and relationships in the comedy industry. Kings of Comedy Beef: Uncover the reasons behind Don 'DC' Curry's absence from the Kings of Comedy tour and address any lingering beef with fellow comedians. Comedy Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the comedy industry as Don 'DC' Curry discusses his experiences with Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay, Corey Holcomb, and more. Community Engagement:"Join the conversation! What are your thoughts on the controversies surrounding Katt Williams, Steve Harvey, and the comedy industry as a whole? Share your opinions in the comments below!" Don Dc Curry Shares Insights on Comedy Industry Challenges, Personal Integrity, and Confrontations with Fellow Comedians, Including Steve Harvey and Katt Williams 0:00: 🎤 Don Dc Curry discusses the state of comedy, highlighting challenges and observations within the industry. 6:13: 💥 Comedian shares insights on boundaries in comedy, personal integrity, and the impact of social media on new comedians. 10:56: 🎤 Comic industry insights shared by Don Dc Curry, including mentorship experiences and unique comedic cadence comparisons. 16:31: 💥 Comedian Don Dc Curry shares personal anecdotes and confrontations with fellow comedians, including Steve Harvey and Katt Williams. 22:13: 💥 Don Dc Curry discusses his experience in the entertainment industry, including his involvement in the Friday movies and the impact of Comedy View and Def Comedy Jam. 27:54: 🎤 Insights on the challenges of comedians gaining experience through live performances and the significance of honing their craft. 33:30: 💬 Discussion on the challenges faced by successful black comedians and the impact of wealth on comedic performance. 38:27: 💥 Don Dc Curry discusses his experience in the comedy world, his views on Hollywood, and upcoming projects. 43:16: 💬 Comedian Don Dc Curry discusses his approach to comedy, ownership of his content, and camaraderie among comics. 47:57: 💬 Discussion on the evolution of comedy, impact of shock factor, comparison between black and white comedy, and views on immigration. 53:36: 🎙️ Comedian discusses historical injustices faced by his people and the impact of voluntary migration. Exclusive Patreon Content:"For exclusive behind-the-scenes content and extended interviews, join our Patreon community at Unlock bonus episodes and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else!" #kattwilliamsinterview #kattwiliams #dccurry #steveharvey #comedy #coreyholcomb #interview #itsuptherepodcast

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