On this episode of LaunchLeft, Chan Marshall of Cat Power joins Rain to introduce Linqua Franqa. Chan and Rain talk about everything from how they first met, how Cat Power was formed, the connection that music brings to people and how changing people’s perspective around money and the American Dream might  solve many of the problems we have today. Chan also shares what led her to Bob Dylan and, how activism then and now really does move the needle. Rain is then joined by Linqua Franqa to learn how they got started in music, teaching and activism and how they are all connected. At the end of the episode we hear “Wurk”, one of Linqua’s songs about Communication Workers of America, United Campus Workers of Georgia, and capitalism.


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LaunchLeft Podcast hosted by Rain Phoenix is an intentional space for Art and Activism where famed creatives launch new artists. LaunchLeft is an alliance of left-of-center artists, a curated ecosystem that includes a podcast, label and NFT gallery.



[04:58] Chan describes how her, Rain and River Phoenix met.

[17:51] What inspired Chan to get involved with music?

[22:08] How did Chan take her music from her apartment to playing live for people?

[43:52] What led Chan to start playing Bob Dylan’s music and what has it created?

[53:23] Where did the American Dream come from?

[57:57] How do children see the world?

[58:53] What would it look like if women were voted in, how would they change the trajectory of our country? 

[1:05:25] Mariah Parker, also known as Linqua Franqa, talks about the meaning of their artist name. 

[1:06:11] What does Linqua do outside of music?

[1:07:02] Who is Reverend James Lawson? 

[1:08:50] Does Linqua agree with the fact that women in power could change our trajectory for the positive? 

[1:10:46] Tune in to hear Wurk, one of Linqua’s songs about capitalism. 



[50:20] Music is a way to connect with people and create community regardless of what is happening in their lives, regardless of socioeconomic status or upbringing. 

[53:23] We don’t have to fall into the habit that seems to be the strongest one out there, which is to want to be rich and famous. 

[56:41] We all want to be safe and happy. 

[1:05:42] Linqua Franqa is a language used to communicate across cultural boundaries, as an artist, Mariah Parker wanted her music to do that, connect people across cultural boundaries.



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Cat Power BIO:

Charlyn "Chan" Marie Marshall is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and occasional actress. She adopted the name Cat Power for her first band in 1992, and has since used the name as a moniker for all of her musical endeavors. Raised in the South primarily by her grandmother, Marshall showed interest in music at an early age, and was influenced by blues and rock'n'roll.

In the early nineties, Marshall relocated to New York City, and became acquainted with Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth after opening at a show for Liz Phair. Shelley subsequently drummed on her first two albums, Dear Sir (1995) and Myra Lee (1996), both somber indie rock records featuring sparse instrumentation. After releasing several blues and folk rock-influenced albums throughout the late 1990s, Marshall released The Covers Record in 2000, which included a cover of "Sea of Love" that was featured prominently in the film Juno (2007). She released three more albums, You Are Free (2003), featuring collaborations with Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder; The Greatest (2006); and Jukebox (2008).

Marshall has had several endeavors in modeling, and has been cited as a muse of Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. She made her acting debut in the film My Blueberry Nights (2007) in a minor supporting role alongside Jude Law.

Her most recent record, Sun (2012) was released to critical acclaim, and entered the Billboard 200 at number 10, making it her first top-ten album in the United States.



Linqua Franqa is a cultural worker and emcee from Athens, Georgia. Their sophomore album, Bellringer, is also their PhD dissertation in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia.

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