Shake up those martinis because Episode 20 of The Words Are Not Enough is a 2 PART SPECIAL!

In Part 1 Griffin (@griffschiller) and Brody (@brodyserravalli) discuss the following:

Tomorrow Never Lies
1. Bond may be Heading to Norway after-all
* Yesterday a Norwegian Bond fan site by the name of James Bond-Magasinet teased "huge Bond 25 news" and today it would seem we have gotten it in the form of a statement from the Norwegian Film Institute. In corroboration with some rumours that were circulating last month, the NFI has been offered a 47 million NOK (Norwegian Krone) grant to a project going by the name "B25" as part of a Tax Incentive Scheme to draw projects with an large international reach to the Scandinavian country (which is about 5.5 million USD). In the statement, Stine Helgeland, the NIF's Executive Director, said “We are pleased that filming of the film with the preliminary title B25 is considering being shot in Norway,” adding that the grant would be “the largest in the incentive scheme’s history.” Past recipients of the grant include Paul Greengrass' 22 July (receiving 17.1mil NOK) and Mission Impossible Fallout (receiving 6.3mil NOK). Truenorth Norway were named as the applicants on the grant and it is said that Truenorth would handle production services in Norway for EON.
2. Bond 25 to shoot on Digital
* Keeping with Scandinavian theme for today's Bond 25 news, Bond 25 cinematographer, Linus Sandgren, seems to have confirmed to ScreenDaily that Bond 25 will be shot on digital during an interview for his latest film, First Man. This would make Bond 25 the second film the franchise to be shoot entirely on digital, following Roger Deakins much-celebrated work on Skyfall. This would also mark a departure for Sandgren, who has almost exclusively shot on film for his American projects.
3. Bond in Spain?
* According to a report from Archivo 007, Gregg Wilson, the son of Bond producer-Michael G. Wilson, has been spotted in Cadiz, Spain, prompting speculation that he may be there location-scouting for Bond 25 as he has been involved in scouting locations for the series since Die Another Day. Speaking of, Bond fans will remember Cadiz from Die Another Day, where it stood in for Cuba. Cadiz is also set to appear in EON's upcoming feature, The Rhythm Section, which is what may have sparked EON's interest in the location for Bond 25.
4. Will Craig be back for Bond 26?
* According to an insider at The Sun, despite the rumours surrounding who will step into Bond's shoulder holster after Daniel Craig, Barbara Broccoli has not seriously considered a single name that has been floated, nor has she or her brother and co-producer, Michael G Willson, drawn up a shortlist of names for potential successors. This insider claims that Broccoli has done this out of "loyalty" to Craig, as she supposedly feels looking for a replacement while Craig is still in the job would be "disrespectful" - adding that Broccoli "cannot look beyond Daniel" as "she values everything h has done for the franchise in the past decade". Furthermore, this insider claims that EON has not even officially ruled out Craig doing a sixth film after Bond 25 - although no further information about this detail was given. It's worth noting that The Sun claims this source has dropped several other big Bond scoops in the past but declined to reveal which ones.
* With McQuarrie coming back for M:I 7 and 8, potentially a two-parter, Craig's return for 26 could signal that EON intends to do a similar two-part story with 25-26, or at the very least, plans to go head to head with M:I in 2022 with their own "finale".
5. Richard Madden Rumours Never Die
* Moving on to even more tenuous Bond 26 rumours, according to Express, we may be closer to Richard Madden taking on the role of 007 than previously thought. According to Lorraine Kelly, she bumped into Madden at a Nation Television Award...


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