Charles Ortleb, the former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of New York Native, debunks the scientific empire that has enriched Anthony Fauci and made him an iconic figure in American science and medicine. Ortleb argues that, like Bernie Madoff', Fauci has built his reputation on fraud and deceit. For at least two decades, Madoff ran a financial Ponzi scheme while Fauci has run a scientific Ponzi scheme for more than three decades. While Bernie Madoff defrauded 4,800 people out of their money, Fauci's HIV Ponzi scheme has undermined the health and civil rights of millions of people all over the world. Ortleb argues that Fauci's AIDS empire should be considered a criminal enterprise and that the AIDS-related HHV-6 epidemic (which includes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) will only end when Fauci's HIV Ponzi scheme ends. All of Ortleb's books on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS can be found here.





Read the controversial bestseller about Anthony Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic




Charles Ortleb's books on Amazon are available in print, Kindle and audiobook versions.

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up

The definitive history of the intertwined epidemics of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


 The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up Volume Two




Notes for a political philosophy of epidemiology and science inspired by the fraud and

deceit in AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research.




The Stonewall Massacre

A provocative work of fiction that asks what would have happened is the gay

movement had been totally destroyed at the Stonewall Riots.




Pig: A Memoir

The Animal Farm for a new generation. A laugh-out-loud political satire about the new totalitarianism of public health.



Butterfly Ghosts

Charles Ortleb's stunning first collection of poetry.




The Last Lovers on Earth


The Closing Argument

Iron Peter


Silence, Exile, and Cunning


Holocaust II His play:The Black Party


His albums on Spotify (as lyricist)





The Lady Upstairs




The Girl from Perkins Cove




Hey You







Listen to "The Lady Upstairs," the album on Spotify inspired by The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up. Lyrics by Charles Ortleb. Music and performance by Chris Davidson. This album is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Google, and Deezer. Please help raise awareness about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by including these songs on your Spotify list and by sharing them with your friends and family.



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