What does joyful self-improvement look like (and is it possible)? Today, we explore solutions sans suffering.
Joyful Self-Improvement: Struggling & Floundering

People really struggle to make important changes in their lives (that they at least ostensibly want) such as to lose weight or gain more muscle.

Reasons abound for the difficulty.

People hear and see conflicting, extreme solutions or short-term, impossible solutions (e.g. 6 weeks to six-pack).

Furthermore, every person is different. People have different goals, preferences, body types, and reactions to training stimulus (e.g. you cannot become faster than Usain Bolt simply by trying really hard, though you will certainly fail if you do not try).

Joyful self-improvement also confronts the reality that change takes a long time. It took you a long time to reach the point where you have decided it's time to make a difference. The positive changes you desire will also take a long time.

Joyful Self-Improvement: Solutions Sans Suffering

Whatever solutions you (or a coach) decides on, they have to be sustainable. Can you really go the rest of your life only eating meat (or some other extreme diet).

Note that many of the people who follow a strict diet have quick feedback regarding when they eat a certain food (such as celiac disease).

Niki and Andrew recommend getting to a baseline before making changes. When you make changes, don't through the kitchen sink at your problems, but try one (or a couple) small changes. Consistently eating a couple hundred calories less than you have can make a BIG impact.

For joyful self-improvement, lean into what you like and embrace the long path to change.

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