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In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about the fundamentals of JavaScript - the set of core skills you should know before branching off into other frameworks, libraries, etc.

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Show Notes

3:07 - Variables + Scoping

var/let/const Block scope Function scope Scope lookup

6:06 - Types


Reference vs. copy

7:15 - Functions

Types of functions

Anonymous vs. named Expressions Arrow functions


9:33 - DOM

Selecting Updating Creating

15:07 - Prototypes + this

this Objects

20:16 - Events

Listening, callbacks dispatchEvent Bubbling

22:05 - Arrays

Push, pop, manipulate Spread, rest Map, filter, reduce Arrays vs. objects Mutation vs. immutable

26:25 - Flow control

Looping If Promises + Async + Await

29:47 - Security and accessibility

XSS and innerHTML

32:04 - Things you should know, but not necessarily master

Modules Closures Ajax requests

35:26 - Clean code

Clean Code Javascript


Syntax 043: 20 Javascript Array and Object Methods to make you a better developer Syntax 141: Hasty Treat - Async + Await Error Handling Strategies Syntax 072: Accessibility


Scott: BaseCS

Wes: Owlet Baby Monitor

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