Floating in Time — Daniel Arsham Brings Us Static Mythologies

Floating in Time — Daniel Arsham Brings Us Static Mythologies

“Looking back at it, it feels like I’m jumping around a lot, but all  of the different types of work, whether it’s an installation or in the  architecture studio that I have, they’re all in service of the same  goal—which is to take our everyday experience, things that we know, and,  sort of, make them do things or make them act in ways we don’t expect.  And that subtle shift outside of our everyday experience is a kind of  invitation to explore that region outside of our everyday.”

A rack of sixteen Spalding basketballs—except they’re made of pink  selenite crystal with gaping erosions in their forms. A Los Angeles  Lakers bomber jacket with logo stitching across the front—except it’s  unwearable, made of pyrite and ash, the crystals emerging from erosions  on the shoulder and sides. What appears to be the hydrostone likenesses  of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Big Bird hanging out together, but  they’re wrapped in cloth and tied with rope, ready for delivery or  perhaps for unwrapping—immediately familiar and uncomfortably unfamiliar  at the same time. Issues of National Geographic, Vogue, Life Magazine, and Sports Illustrated from the year 3018—the year that, apparently, the Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl.

Story & Photos by Charis Poon

Audio by Elphick Wo

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