Are you living by rules and standards created by people long dead? It’s time for liberation and breaking free of the old models of work and life. Today I’ve got Ali Brown on the show who talks about the magic we experience when we let go of our old scorecards for success that no longer serve us, release ourselves from the tight constraints of what everyone else thinks and step into our own power no matter what age we are. We dive into how gratitude helps us rediscover the magic in our everyday lives and how aging is simply another form of empowerment. 


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What do I do if I feel like I’ve gotten off track?

  • When is a woman in her prime?

  • Does practicing gratitude really work?

  • What’s the best part about turning 40 or 50?


Topics Covered: Frequency Illusion, self-discovery, personal growth, women's power, liberation, authority and structure, business complexity, clearing out old relationships, two different worlds, expressing gratitude, reticular activating system, being outside, creating a path, trusting oneself, shifting identity, simplicity, redefining success, aged confidence, stepping into power, women's prime, creativity, traditional work model, breaking away from 40-hour work week


Key Moments in the Show:

[04:55] What does liberation look like

[08:26] Being On The Right Path Might Look Wrong

[10:00] A Scientifically Proven Way to Find Magic

[12:22] Why It's Easier to See the Negative Instead of the Positive

[15:14] Time Management Doesn't Work

[19:47] Your Scorecard for Success

[23:11] Why I Left Social Media (and Don't Regret It)

[24:38] Why It's Easy to Get Stuck in an Identity

[25:16] The Benefits of Aging

[28:07] When Is a Woman In Her Prime?

[29:43] How To Stop Procrastinating (or whatever you think holds you back)

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