This is it, our farewell episode! And it’s our biggest episode to date, with tons of guests and callers, including some surprise guests! This show has been an immense pleasure to create over the years, but like all good things, it must come to an end. This has been an amazing experience that has let me meet hundreds of fascinating people from all walks of life, from rocket scientists to professional wrestlers, I have deep gratitude for everyone involved.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved, and if I forget any names, it’s not intentional. Thank you to my long-time friends and co-hosts, Ron Babcock and Rucka Rucka Ali. Ron has been an incredible friend over the years and has genuinely improved my life in countless non-trivial ways. I can’t thank Ron enough for his support on and off the podcast, his good character, candor, jokes, empathy and deodorant. My sincere thanks to Ron for being a great co-host and a great friend. And speaking of great friends and co-hosts, thank you to Rucka Rucka Ali, who makes it back for this final episode. Rucka is a powerhouse of reason, principal and intellect, as well as a genuinely good person. Rucka has also improved my life in significant, non-trivial ways, from encouraging me to work harder, to challenging my world views. He’s supported me on and off the air and I couldn’t be more grateful for his friendship and ball-busting. Rucka rides hard because he cares and I’m proud to call him my friend. I couldn’t have asked for two better people to work with.

Thank you to Mikey Bolts, audio engineer and all-around good guy! I love Mikey and so do you. I’m humbled by his talent. And speaking of talent, thank you to Taylor Nikolai, whose presence and friendship has been genuinely enriching in my life. Taylor is just an incredibly kind, sincere and forthright person who has also improved my life in countless ways. Thank you to Dreadmere, Kirk Wilcox, Zack Waldman, Therapist Kelli, Bradley Laborman, Robert Benfer, Christina Hepburn, Jesse PS, Lord Matthew, Mike D, Michael Capes, John Morrison, Jon Schnepp, Smart Mark, Sean Jacobson, Jesse Bias, and so many more.

Thank you to all our listeners and guests over the years. Everyone who took time to call in and leave voicemail, send us gifts or comments on our website or Facebook. Thanks for telling your friends and family to check out the show.

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Ron Babcock’s ( final tip this week is to keep a $20 in your car at all times, and I couldn’t agree more. Also quick update: the deodorant works! I texted Ron the morning this episode came out to tell him that I would 100% use this exclusively if I had an applicator. It’s worth trying!

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Thank you all for a wonderful 3 years.

But most of all…

You’re welcome.

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