Twig Audiobook

Twig Audiobook

Welcome to the Twig audiobook. This site is a personal effort to emulate the work done by the fantastic folks at the Worm Audiobook Project for the latest project by J.C. McCrae, better known as wildbow: Twig. For an introduction to Twig itself, please see this page on the author’s own site. With regard to content warnings, here is an important excerpt from that page: Those on the lookout for trigger warnings should probably be warned, the author’s style leans toward the dark and violent. To clarify to those not familiar with the term: if a key word or storyline touching on a particular topic could ruin your day or induce panic attacks, you might want to steer clear of Twig, as it is likely to touch on many. Sex, however, will happen offscreen if it happens at all, and sex-related triggers are generally avoided, both due to authorial preference. Swearing and violence are likely to be present, if not outright common, so be warned. Use your own judgment to estimate your tolerances and decide if Twig is the sort of thing you’re comfortable reading. (J.C. McCrae) Like the Worm Audiobook Project, these audio recordings are a fan-made work created for personal pleasure and to increase public awareness of wildbow’s incredible writing. We are not in any way affiliated with J.C. McCrae and we have no rights to his source material. We are not making any money off of this project and encourage donations to the original author via his Patreon.

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