Work on the Edge Podcast

Work on the Edge Podcast

The Work on the Edge Podcast, hosted by Nick Frankus, is a podcast about mindset, motivation, and methodologies for high-stakes professionals. You've probably heard the old adage, "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room." Well, Work on the Edge is about applying that notion to your professional life. This podcast's mission is to educate and inspire high stakes professionals, men and women who want to get an edge, stay sharp, and perform at their highest potential when it matters the most, so that they can better serve, and become leaders in their industry. What is a high-stakes professional? A high stakes professional, or an Edge Pro, is someone who does important work, in an environment where important things are at risk, and where a professional response is required. In any workplace, especially in high-stakes professions, we spend a tremendous amount of time teaching people the skillset they need to do the job. But, almost without exception, we spend very little time learning the mindset that is necessary to perform at a high level. We leave this for people to do on their own.This podcast aims to fill the gap in preparation between a high stakes skillset and a high stakes mindset. With that in mind, topics of the show will be centered around ideas that will improve the performance of high stakes professionals such as: Decision making, how to make better decisions in high stakes, high stress, time compressed environments, effects of making mistakes, etc. Fitness, not only in the health and fitness kind of way, but in terms of preparedness, physical, mental, and emotional preparedness for high stakes situations. Teamwork, how to create and sustain high-performing teams. Training, not for the specific skillset of your professions, but the mindset and methodologies necessary for successful training. Leadership, how to be a leader, how to be a follower, how to lead from the bottom, the recognition that everyone who works in high stakes environments is a leader. Confidence, the number one necessary trait for high stakes professionals, Edge Pros, to possess, but also the most misunderstood. You will learn how to redefine confidence in a way that is more useful for high stakes professionals. The Work on the Edge Podcast reserves the right to talk about anything that makes you more competent, more confident, or more able to control the high stakes environment you work in. The host of the show, Nick Frankus, has spent more than a decade and a half working as a police officer in the biggest city in his state, which sits in the middle of a metro area of about 2 million people. The department has about a thousand officers, and for the last seven years, Nick has been part of a specialized team that less than 100 people had ever been a part of in 40 years, a team that prepares for and deals with the most dangerous situations in our society today. This show is not just for police officers, but for anyone who does important work, in an environment where important things are at risk, and where a professional response is required, such as: law enforcement, military, emergency medical/medicine, aviation, pilots, surgeons, fire, firefighter, EMS, search and rescue, security, doctors, lawyers, or any other high stakes profession.

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