JEREMY SIT DOWN!  Whew sorry about that... Kids Amma I right? If you have ever had issues with students not listening, being distracting, or even disruptive during teaching time... then do we have a toolkit for you! Dealing w/ Distractions, Disruptions, & Discipline Issues:If you've ever felt like a ringmaster in a circus of pre-teen hijinks we hope this chat is helpful. We're unpacking the chaos of disruptions with real stories (we have been there!). Can we just send these kids to time-out? Hey YM friends let's talk about how to foster a culture of respect by clearly setting expectations and  involving students in the process and explaining the 'why' behind the rules. It's about making an impact that goes beyond Sunday and into their daily lives, ensuring that every interaction plants a seed for positive behavior and engagement.Lastly, let's break it down so you can take it home. From ninja-like non-verbal cues between leaders to a 'three-step process' that's more like  four steps, we're laying down our take on behavioral management. We're sharing our blueprint for establishing clear boundaries, all while nurturing growth and fostering a safe space for teens to thrive. So, gear up for some real talk on crafting an environment where respect is the norm, and chaos is shown the door. And hey, don't forget to drop us your thoughts! [email protected]

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