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Risk Roundup

Risk Roundup

Each one of us across nations currently stands on the verge of the most turbulent and transformative period in all of human history. As Information Technology to Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, Robotics to Drones, Cognitive Computing to Quantum Computing, Big Data to Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things to Internet Of Everything, Blockchain to Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, Nanosatellites to Space Mining, CRISPR Technology to Gene Editing, Nanotechnology to Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology to Molecular Manufacturing merge and converge to make the once unachievable imagination possible, it is not only human and machine intelligence that will merge and create unthinkable possibilities, the likes of Molecular Manufacturing and Synthetic Biology will also bring earth shattering potential to build virtually any Biological / Physical and / or Chemical item quickly and inexpensively, directly from pure information and / or Organisms—creating complex Cyber Security, Geo Security and Space Security risks and challenges for everyone.

The evolving nature of Warfare: Bio Warfare to Nano Warfare, Cyber Warfare to Electromagnetic Warfare will be by far much more complex and much bigger than any Security Risks we face in Cyberspace, Geospace-Space (CGS) currently!

Each one of us has a role to play in managing the complex independent and interdependent CGS Security Risks facing our nations. Get involved in managing your nation’s risks for "The Future of Humanity". Listen to Risk Roundup Podcast to understand Security Risks.

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