In the last 100% Jodi episode, we covered what to consider when you are reviewing your responsibilities to decide what you need to focus on and what needs to find a new home. In this episode we’ll cover your next steps to make those change so you are focusing on those tasks that only you can do or those tasks that will get you closer to accomplishing your goals.

Let’s do a quick recap. In the episode, Are You Afraid of Success or Are You Afraid of More Responsibility?, I challenged you to consider that what might be holding you back from pursuing your next big opportunity may be an underlying concern that if you take anything else on, you’ll get crushed by the weight of responsibilities.

If you feel like you are narrowly hanging on in your current role, the thought of an expanded role would logically be out of the question. However, what I typically find working with women leaders is that they are more than competent to take on a greater role, but they have not adjusted how they are operating as a leader to allow more bandwidth.

There are many reasons for this and some are easy to address by asking a question, making a decision and following up to see it through.

Some reasons require addressing our mindset and the identity we are holding on to that is trapping us in a situation where we are doing work that we don’t need to do or could reassign.

In the episode, What Responsibilities Should You Keep?, I guided you through a process of deciding what responsibilities needed to be realigned based on the resources you have, your values, and your goals.

If you have not listened to those episodes yet hit pause and go back to give them a listen. These episodes will set you up to get the most out of what I’m going to cover with you now.

I hope with these 3 episodes you now see the opportunity that delegating and realigning your commitments can create.

I’ve gotten feedback from some of you that you need a place to start to begin the process. I hear you and this past week I created a quick and simple worksheet that will help you identify all the variables you need to think about as you start having conversations and making decisions.

If you would like work with me on any of this, I invite you to sign up for a Responsibility Remodel Session. I would love to help you lift some of the weight of responsibility off your shoulders and do it in a way that makes you and those around you feel good.

I hope this was of value to you and here’s to your success!

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