Did you know that in more formal English, we tend to avoid using two-word verbs like ask for, throw away, and give out? These are very common in everyday spoken English, but we typically use slightly more formal words when writing professionally. Today you'll learn how to transform10 informal sentences into more formal ones that are appropriate in business English. If you're learning English for your career, then you'll find my Business English course very helpful! You can join for 50% off until Friday. OK, let's look at how to make these 10 sentences more formal:
1. We asked for an update two weeks ago.
We requested an update two weeks ago.
2. My manager is thinking about your proposal. My manager is considering your proposal.
3. The stores are giving out free samples. The stores are distributing free samples.
4. I need some time to look over the information. I need some time to review the information.
5. The defective products were thrown away. The defective products were discarded.
6. I have found out the reason for the error. I have discovered/determined/identified the reason for the error.
7. Our visitors are going back to their country tomorrow. Our visitors are returning to their country tomorrow.
8. You need authorization to go ahead with the purchase. You need authorization to proceed with the purchase.
9. I will deal with the customer complaints. I will handle the customer complaints.
10. We talked about marketing strategy at the meeting. We discussed marketing strategy at the meeting.
Remember, it's NOT that the first sentences are wrong - they are perfectly fine and correct! But we can make our writing a little more formal by using the second versions. Again, make sure to check out my Business English Course to learn a ton of practical phrases and vocabulary. This is the best time to join because you get a 50% discount!

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