How To Upgrade Your Mindset And Influence The World Around You – Michael Bernoff (Ep. 330)

How To Upgrade Your Mindset And Influence The World Around You – Michael Bernoff (Ep. 330)

Michael Bernoff, results coach, speaker, and best-selling author of the book Average Sucks, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Michael talks about a number of profound and fascinating topics including how to influence yourself and the world around you through self-talk, NLP, reframing beliefs, hypnosis, and so much more. He breaks down a multitude of everyday psychological behaviors and dissects our mindsets and reasons for acting certain ways and what we can do to correct these common errors in our programming. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your mindset and influence the world around you, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

• What Michael’s been up to during the last year and half

• Letting go of expectations and what you can’t control

• What social isolation does when it comes to wellness and mental health

• Accepting that which you cannot control

• How prisoners get used to their environments and adapt to survive

• Retraining your brain to not be wired or alert before bed

• The benefits of reading a book before bed

• The influence of Big Tech, Neflix, and all the other time sucks out there

• Immersing yourself in an alternate reality and deconditioning from the real world

• How to label things the proper way instead of setting yourself up for hard work and failure

• Becoming the influencers in our own lives

• Accepting the power of your own influence

• High level communication and the power of it

• Improving the communication you have with yourself throughout the day

• How to improve your confidence with one simple technique

• How successful people talk to themselves vs. how everyone else talks to themselves

• How quickly Michael can remove someone’s life-long phobias

• Picture, sound, and feelings and why this is how we interpret everything in life

• Why Mike Tyson’s trainer focused so much on the mental aspect to fighting and why he was a master hypnotist

• Rapidly inducing someone into a hypnotic state through influence

• Using your communication to take control of dangerous situations

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