How To Heal Yourself From Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, And Shame By Coming Face To Face With Your True Self – Alex Boianghu (Ep. 328)

How To Heal Yourself From Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, And Shame By Coming Face To Face With Your True Self – Alex Boianghu (Ep. 328)

Alex Boianghu, dedicated and gifted psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience providing an integrative approach that incorporates Eastern and Western psychological and spiritual practices, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Alex talks about overcoming trauma by diving deep into yourself and coming face to face with who you truly are. He dives deep into breath work, mindfulness, somatic healing, EMDR, the integration of psychology and spirituality, and so much more in this powerful interview. If you’re wondering how to heal yourself from trauma and crippling psychological issues, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

• What EMDR is and why it’s so effective against trauma

• Understanding how the brain and body actually work

• How trauma can develop in children even without anything “major” or obvious happening in the child’s life

• While healing happens in the body and not the mind

• Relaxing the nervous system’s response to a memory through EMDR

• The fact that trauma creates a negative self perception

• The parallels between NLP and EMDR work

• Where meditation and breath work come in when it comes to calming down the nervous system and getting into the place of healing

• Stepping deeper into ourselves and coming closer to your sense of self

• How to step inward and get deeper into yourself

• The power of your breath

• The fact that most adults are only breathing at about 50% capacity according to Alex

• Addiction and the true cause of it in the West

• The fact thoughts arise from our energetic system or chi as it’s known in the East

• Meeting the Shadow as Jung called it

• Having a trusting relationship with someone who can help you get past your inner guards to meet the Shadow

• The 2 types of people who suffer in the world

• Staying in the moment and the power of presence

• Having an embodiment practice and tuning into yourself

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