LezBeMommies Radio | Lesbian Parenting

As a single lesbian/queer woman that knows she wants children, have you ever thought about having a child on your own?  Ever wished you could talk to a women that's done this already and get your questions answered?  I mean, what's that like to go through the journey of conceiving without a partner?  How important is it to build a community around you when you go through that experience?  Then after baby comes, what tips would this wonder woman have for you on how to balance a job and single parenthood? And what's the lesbian dating scene like when you have a baby?  Lots of questions.  Of course it's managable--there are tons of single moms out there, but our situation is a little different, and great to get some advice, right?

Well you got it!  Bad ass single lesbian moms, Suzy Theron, is on the show tonight to share about her experience as well as some tips for other strong ladies looking to take the parenting plunge solo.