The Second Doctor is back and teaming up with The Sixth against alien gluttons and bearded Sontarans in Seville

* * *

The Second Doctor and his trusted companion, not-so-wee-anymore Jamie, are tasked by Galifrey to go to a scientific research station in the Third Zone where a pair of scientists are getting a little too close to figuring out time travel and might cause a temporal paradox in the process. There, they meet with Dastari, geneticist, head of the facility and aficionado of tinted sunglasses, to convince him to stop, and in the process learn that he has technologically and genetically augmented Chessene, a member of the gluttonous and inane Androgum species, to mega-genius levels. This is far more than a mere diplomatic nightmare, though, because Chessene is conspiring with the Sontarans to kill everyone on the station, kidnap The Doctor and force him to reveal to them the secret of time travel.

Meanwhile in the future, The Sixth Doctor and his trusted companion Peri are enjoying the great outdoors when he begins to feel a little wobbly and coincidentally decides to consult his old pal Dastari for medical advice. Happening upon the death and destruction on the station left behind by the Sontarans, as well as a Ben-Gunn’d Jamie, however, they soon realise Doc’s past self is in trouble. For reasons unrelated to the production team wanting a holiday, they track him and his kidnappers thence to 1980s Seville, where they team up with an eccentric lepidopterist and his Spanish consort, try not to get lasered, eaten or turned into Androgums themselves — and where they leave no one alive in their wake.

* * *

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