New Exiled Time Lady in town, The Rani, teams up with The Master in a bid to siphon brain juice from human heads, plot global domination and/or turn people into trees

* * *

The Sixth Doctor and flawlessly American companion Peri Brown miss their holiday mark once again and, instead of Kew Gardens, make their way on over to the mining town of Killingworth, where George Stephenson is apparently assembling a veritable inspiration of geniuses to discuss the betterment of mankind through automation. Seemingly coincidentally, though, an ever increasing amount of luddite marauders are wreaking havoc in Stephenson’s tiny mining conurbation.

Well, it might be a coincidink, but they sure as popsicles ain’t luddites. They’ve simply been kidnapped by another exiled Gallifreyan—no, not that one, though he’s there as well—who’s siphoned bits of their brains to use as alien valium. Don’t be so hard on yourself; it’s an easy enough mixup. The Time Lady in question is The Rani, and she and The Master are about to murder civilians, plot world domination and turn the locals into trees unless Doc has something to say about it.

* * *

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