**Posture & Flexibility**

The joints and muscles of the human body become accustomed over time to the way in which we use them. As a result of poor sleeping habits, sitting positions or driving style, anyone can easily develop bad posture. Bad habits can cause a compromise within the body that leads to inefficiency; the result being pain, stiffness and dysfunction.

Once such postural disruption has occurred the treatment may take time. Sudden postural change can make the condition worsen initially, as the body re-learns an improved and less demanding pattern of use.

Muscles and joints that become locked into damaging postural habits need careful encouragement using manipulation and muscular release. Often remedial exercises are also required to help the body adapt and be more flexible.

**Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of Primary Health Care.**

**We are now Allied Health Practitioners recognised by NHS England**

We first explore you presenting symptoms and concerns during a detailed case history.

This takes perhaps half your first consultation – but is critical to move forwards.

Gathering this information and developing an understanding of your health history as well a detailed physical examination helps us form a time line and frame for what is wrong

We then explain what we feel is going on, in the context of your broader lifestyle at work, rest and play – and how much we feel we can help, or what referral might be needed.

We will help you understand all the contributing factors to your case to help you engage with the process of getting better and what changes you might need to make.

We may provide tailored individual exercises, at the right time, to help you improve.

We will also advise you on how you perform sports and exercise that you already do.

**Our Osteopaths will explain to you:**

* **Why you are in pain **

* **How long your recovery should take **

* **How many treatments you should need over what period **

* **When it is ideal to return to full physical activity **

* **When it is most appropriate to be referred to another professional**

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