Dr. Carrie Madej

What is the viral transfection technique?

How is China involved? What’s in the alleged vaccine? Monkey kidney cells? Cow cells? What’s in the mix?

Could this brand-new technology be dangerous and bring an end to our species as we know it?

“What they’re doing is genetically modifying humans,” warns Dr. Madej

This synthetic recombinant injection had been previously tested on animals Most of them died, according to reliable sources.

What happened to the immune systems of those animals? How does this relate to cancer? GMO organisms don’t live as long, and this is integrated into our genome.

What are spike proteins and how permanent are they? How do they affect our enzymes? Spike proteins “are not from nature,” and they’re part synthetic and part recombinant.

Can the mRNA vaccine slow the birth rate? Spike proteins are also in sperm protein. Can sperm attack the placenta?

The vaccine also affects Chromosome 8. It’s involved in intelligence and blood disorders. How does Chromosome 8 affect the menstrual cycle?

How does the vaccine access the ACE2 receptor on red blood cells? How long does the effect last? Do the vaccine manufactures know or even care?

“How many vaccines are there now”?, Patrick asks. There are 152 vaccines in the pipeline, all using the same genetic code from China.

Are these vaccines FDA-approved? Can we trust these drug companies to tell us what’s really in them when they’re not liable for any injuries or deaths as a result?

Are these vaccine companies committing crimes against humanity?

“It’s all cloak and daggers. The Pentagon is in charge, not the Health Department. There’s no Internal Review Board. We’re all part of an experiment,” alerts Dr. Madej.

Is vaccine shedding possible? No one knows for sure. Women who live together share the same menstrual cycle. Is that related to a way for the vaccine to shed?

Is mRNA contagious? It’s wrapped in nano-lipid technology to suppress your immune protection at various checkpoints.

Can vaccine shedding happen by breath? Respiratory droplets? Hormones? Breast milk? Body fluids? Pfizer warns people to wait 28 days after a vaccination before having sex. How can Pfizer possibly know if that’s long enough?

“This is only the beginning of the tyranny. World Wat III has already started,” says Dr. Madej. “World War III is a war of the mind to instill panic and fear forever.”

Are there any natural things we can do to mitigate the side effects of the vaccines?

What part do frequency and vibration play in health? “The heart is a thousand times more powerful than the brain in electromagnetic energy,” according to Dr. Madej.

Are any of these vaccine injections placebos? “Absolutely! They’re giving out placebos. Twenty percent are placebos, and all contain RFID chips for tracking the experiment,” replies Dr. Madej.

“What is the real agenda of this new Reset? To inject nanotech particles into the human body, so by 2030 we become the Internet of Everything. Bill Gates is very proud of it. This is not a joke. This is not a conspiracy,” continues Dr. Madej.

“Bill Gates calls it Predictive Solution. Have you seen the movie, Minority Report?”

“My job as a physician will be obsolete. No technical doctors will be needed anymore. Medications and vaccines will be uploaded via smartphones,” explains Dr. Madej.

Can vaccines or nanoparticles be injected with the nasal swab? It’s definitely not a normal swab. Why does it have to be inserted so far up the nose?

“How can they get away with this?”, asks Patrick. It’s the Emergency Powers Act. This is not the functioning country we’re used to. Biden is taking orders from FEMA. He’s answering to One World powers.

“The corporations took away our power through the Modified Stafford Act,” says Dr. Madej.

What is the Stafford Act? How was it modified?

“The coup already happened. We’re just going through the motions. The biggest coup happened in our country, and we don’t even know it,” warns Dr. Madej.

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