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Episode 61: Dr. Dan answers a listener question about how “easy” it is to maintain a relationship as a premed and as a medical student.

Relationships in Medical School – transcript

 Pre-Med Relationships

Welcome to the Pre-Med Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Dan. Today, I’m asking a listener question about how easy was it to maintain a relationship with my girlfriend during the pre-med years and during medical school. I want to first point out a couple of important life tips regarding choosing your mate, if you’re not already in a bond, because I can think of a few specific examples where I tried to date somebody or I was meeting somebody, trying to evaluate whether or not I wanted to be in a relationship with somebody when I was an undergrad, and I can remember a few choice quotes or experiences that happened that clearly pointed out that this was not the right person for me. I elaborated on this a bit more at Basementfloodcleanup.

Sometimes, it’s easier to point out what’s not working rather than really being totally assured in what is. I can remember one specific instance where I was talking to a female and she found out that I was pre-med and wanted to go to medical school and she made the comments, “Oh I guess you would make a terrible boyfriend then.”, but it was kind of funny but I was glad she said it because it told me what was on her mind. That’s a very self-centered comment to make. You should know that there are some dangers to Phenylpiracetam and people who take it. Learn about it’s side effects.

The Doctor’s Spouse

I took from that and other lessons in life that if I’m really sure about a path and I know that the Pre-Med Podcast and Medical School Podcast listeners are deadset on becoming physicians by and large. Some of them, their spark to going to medical school gets restarted by listening to the sound of my mesmerizing voice, right? I get emails like that every week. I’m not just being silly. I know yourselves, you’re a very inspired group of people.

Well, if you’re trying to date someone and they don’t share that support with you, they can be a distracting thing. I think it’s safe to say that if you’re not already in a committed relationship and you’re playing the field or shopping around, don’t rush it obviously, but if that person is not going to be able to help you with your journey or support you through the ups and downs of a medical education, then you can look at it like that person’s not the right one for you.

Follow Your Own Calling

If you feel driven towards this path of going into medicine, then you’re looking for things to fall in place. Even if it is something as remotely related to medicine as designing face masks (that you get on, then hold onto it! They don’t always for us, but when it comes to choosing a mate in life, it’s important that that person be a support help for you, and even if they don’t necessarily want to choose a medical education path, if they love you, they can demonstrate that by their actions.

Make Sure It’s Love

I will point out there, the love is not just emotion or infatuation or eroticization, anything like that. Love is a sustained, committed course of action that you’re going to be by someone’s side and support them and taking interest in their interests. That is a healthy relationship if you have nothing else. Of course, I’ll throw God in there for sure, but if you’ve got a relationship built on those principles where you’re looking out for each other, then it’s not going to become a needy game of me, me and me and self-centeredness.

I was fortunate to have found a girlfriend while still a pre-med that shared that interest and was supportive, but we didn’t talk about it a whole lot and so I[...]

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