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We’re pleased to say that all three volumes of "Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts" have now been published as eBooks! They’re available from Apple Books at - Barnes & Noble at - and also available in the Kindle Store from Amazon at (And please keep in mind that every dollar from every purchase will help keep an independent voice in blues radio alive and well! And we thank you!)

Quite some time ago, we put together two programs that sampled the delectable treasures to be found among the 90 or so LPs in the legendary Bluesville catalog. Although those episodes, in turn, would end up being the inspiration for our seven-part miniseries on the label — the original two programs have been sitting quietly in the archives, gathering dust, ever since. Here they are again, for the first time in many years. In part one, we'll enjoy some great folk and acoustic blues from Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny & Brownie, Robert Pete Williams, Henry Townsend, and many more.

Pictured: One of the big sellers on the Bluesville line, Lightnin’ Hopkins.

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