Jonathan Horowitz | Overcome Chronic Stress by Implementing 3 Easy Daily Activities

Jonathan Horowitz | Overcome Chronic Stress by Implementing 3 Easy Daily Activities

In today’s episode, we cover stress and anxiety with Dr. Jonathan Horowitz. Jonathan Horowitz received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and is the CEO and founder of the San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center where he helps people manage and overcome stress.


Science is showing us that we are dealing with increased levels of stress and anxiety thanks to the pandemic, so what can you do to prevent your stress and anxiety from overwhelming you, how can you prevent burnout, and when do you know it’s time to seek professional help?


What to Listen For

Dr. Jonathan Horowitz’s origin story – 2:06

How easily can other people tell when you’re feeling nervous or anxious in a conversation?

How does perfectionism get in the way of you achieving your goals and what can you do to move past it?

Can you control whether or not people like you?


Warning signs you’re not adequately managing stress – 22:40

What can you do to better manage your stress levels so it doesn’t damage your health and relationships?

How does stress impact your ability to be creative and an effective problem solver?

What can you do to help manage the stress of working from home and not having a clear distinction between home and work?


Preventing burnout by practicing self-care – 37:56 

What small but meaningful exercises can you do in your daily life to better take care of yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed by stress?

What should you avoid doing if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by stress?

How has our social anxiety been impacted by COVID and the lockdown and what can we do about it?

How do you know when you should see a therapist?


While short periods of stress (like exercise or solving a difficult problem) can provide countless benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing, long periods of chronic stress can have detrimental effects on our minds and bodies. But what can you do about it when it seems like being stressed out is normal? It comes down to small daily habits that any of us can implement in our lives because we all have a few minutes to spare to take better care of ourselves.


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