Ethan Kross | Dominate Your Inner-Dialogue and Become The Ultimate Leader

Ethan Kross | Dominate Your Inner-Dialogue and Become The Ultimate Leader

In today’s episode, we cover our inner voices and chatter with Dr. Ethan Kross. Ethan is an American experimental psychologist, neuroscientist and writer, who specializes in emotion regulation. He is a professor of psychology and management at the University of Michigan and director of the Emotion & Self Control Laboratory there.


We all have that voice in our heads that can feel out of our control sometimes, but why is it there, how can you use it to build confidence, and how does the world around you influence it in good and bad ways?


What to Listen For

Introduction - 0:00

Why is it a bad idea to turn inward when you encounter challenges in life, and what should you do instead?

Why do we have a voice inside our heads that never stops talking?

How can you use the voice in your head as a tool to strengthen your mental capability?

What is the dark side of our inner voice and what can we do to manage it?

How do you manage your inner voice - 10:30

What can we do to harness the power of our inner voice to help us rather than hold us back and limit our potential for success and happiness?

How can the people around you be helpful or harmful when it comes to managing your inner voice?

What is co-rumination and how can it hinder your ability to see situations clearly and move forward after painful experiences?


Tips for nurturing healthy chatter - 40:30

Is it possible to silence the chatter in our heads?

How does digital interaction with one another harm us compared to real face to face interaction?

What two things should you consider when it comes to social media and your inner voice?

What is good sleep hygiene and why is it important to get uninterrupted quality rest?

What can you do to help people who might be struggling but refuse to ask for help?


Developing a healthy relationship with your inner voice can help you build unbreakable confidence and lead effortlessly. You can start by acknowledging it and making room for it in your life, instead of trying to silence or ignore it. Observe it and pay attention to when you’re giving it too much control over what you’re thinking about or feeling. As you do that, be open-minded about the world around you—engaging new people, experiences, and ideas will help broaden your horizons, push your confidence higher, and keep your inner voice in check.  


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