Dr. Johannes Mallow | Boost Your Memory By Using These Ancient Techniques

Dr. Johannes Mallow | Boost Your Memory By Using These Ancient Techniques

In today’s episode, we cover memory improvement and competition with Dr. Johannes Mallow. Johannes is a 2-times World Memory Champion, completed a PhD thesis on the topic of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and worked as a researcher and engineer at the University of Magdeburg.


Our ability to recall complex information is one of our defining characteristics as humans, but what do we get wrong about memory, what daily exercises can you perform to improve your memory, and what can you learn about memory from a memory world champion?


What to Listen For

Dr. Johannes Mallow’s journey into memory games – 1:46

What do people enjoy about memory competitions?

What exercises can you do to train your memory and improve it?

How does Dr. Johannes Mallow memorize a deck of cards in 20 seconds?


The science of memory vs the sport of memory – 14:35

What is the brain great at memorizing and how can you use that fact to avoid forgetting important information?

How does training for memory sports impact your memory in your day to day life?


Simple strategies for memorizing people’s names – 21:39 

What can you do if you find yourself in a high pressure situation and you need to remember something but your mind goes blank?

What daily memory exercises can anyone perform to improve it?

Most common misconceptions about training memory – 39:06

Why should we be concerned about developing our memory when we have powerful devices at our fingertips to remember things for us?

The secret 2000 year old memory technique – 51:13

What is the memory palace technique and how can you use it to remember almost anything?

What is the keyword method and how can you use it to learn new languages?


Your memory is like a muscle. The more you train your ability to recall information, the better you will become at it. Humans have been working to improve their memory for thousands of years and have come up with some great techniques along the way, and if you have five minutes to spare each day, you can improve your memory so you stop forgetting names of people you just met, important upcoming events, and your anniversary!


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