Dr. Carole Robin | How to Build World Class Connections and Lead With Vulnerability

Dr. Carole Robin | How to Build World Class Connections and Lead With Vulnerability

In today’s episode, we cover building stronger connections with Dr. Carole Robin. Carole Robin, Ph.D. was the Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership at Stanford's Graduate School of Business where she helped to further develop the Interpersonal Dynamics Course, and is now the author of the best selling book, Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues.


Technology and the pandemic have changed the landscape of human connection, but how bad is it, what simple tips can you use to improve your ability to connect, and what is the correct way to show vulnerability in the workplace?


What to Listen For


The damage technology is having on our ability to connect - 0:00 


What experience do we all need as humans and what can you do to give people that experience?

Why are we losing close connections in our lives and what can we do about it?

How does social media trap you into a state where you can’t connect with the people around you and what can you do about it?

What simple tip can you use to deepen any connection?



Why you need to get comfortable talking about feelings - 9:56 


Why is it detrimental to your relationships to avoid talking about your emotions and feelings?

What are the benefits of expressing your feelings and how does it help strengthen your relationships?

Why are “why” questions so challenging when it comes to connecting with someone, and what questions should you ask instead?

What type of questions can lead to the other person feeling judged?

What is the signature trait of a successful relationship?



What does a successful relationship look like? - 31:38


What are the characteristics of a successful relationship and what can you do to cultivate them in your relationships?

How has the pandemic affected the way we interact with coworkers and build relationships?

What 90 second exercise can you implement to strengthen your personal and professional relationships over Zoom?

How can you be vulnerable without letting your disclosure be used against you?

What can women do to become better leaders while staying true to themselves?


Technology is changing the landscape of human connection and it's hard to know what will happen next. What you can do now, however, is learn to be vulnerable so that those around you also feel comfortable being open with one another. Without this openness we'll always have a lack of trust which does not bode well for our society at large where social connections are essential.


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Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues by Dr. Carole Robin


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