In this episode, Neil shares his expertise on enhancing the guest experience by focusing on the physical aspects of the bedroom. He emphasizes the importance of meeting guests' personal needs, such as providing a comfortable bed, mirrors, allergy-friendly bedding, and ample storage space. Neil also delves into the significance of small details like quality hangers, towels, toiletries, and lighting. He introduces the concept of the "slight edge," advocating for consistent small improvements to achieve long-term success. Through anecdotes and practical tips, Neil guides listeners on how to create a welcoming and memorable stay for guests, ultimately aiming for rave reviews and repeat bookings. 


Focus on making your guests' experience top-notch by paying attention to their personal needs and essentials in the bedroom.

Ensure the bed is comfortable as it is a non-negotiable aspect of the guest experience.

Provide mirrors of decent size in the bedroom for guests' convenience.

Consider guests' allergies when choosing bedding and laundry detergents.

Implement the concept of the slight edge by making consistent small improvements over time to enhance the guest experience and achieve success.


"Their bed, it's got to be comfortable. I mean, come on, there's a clue in the name, Airbnb. The first B stands for bed." 

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's going to be the ultimate super host of them all? Spoiler alert, it will be you, my friend, if you stick around with me."

"Non-bio liquid laundry detergent is my default. Why? Well with powder detergent they bulk it out with sneaky little fillers that don't dissolve and they get caught between the fibers of your clothes and bedding."

"There's nothing more frustrating than trying to dry your wet body with a tea towel. If you can, provide two towels per guest. One for the face and one for the body."

"For the Superhost status award, improve the things you can afford. Though your actions seem small, doesn't matter at all, as the slight edge should not be ignored."


Neil has led a fulfilled and unconventional life, navigating an extraordinary journey from the Royal Navy to prop-making in London's West End theatres. Born into a military family, it was a twist of fate which led him to the theatre, where he contributed to iconic productions such as Phantom of the Opera.

Eventually, Neil transitioned to Corporate Event Team Building, eventually founding his own venture in 1999. Financial challenges in 2017 are what prompted a strategic shift to Airbnb hosting, proving a reliable backup income. By 2021, Neil and his business partner triumphed over significant debt, fuelled by their resilience and the success of Neil's Airbnb venture. Now, Neil has left the corporate world behind, thriving solely through his flourishing Airbnb endeavours.


Welcome to "The Airbnb Superhost," your ultimate guide to mastering the art of hosting on Airbnb. In each concise 15-minute episode, Neil will reveal the secrets to creating unforgettable guest experiences and maximizing the potential of your property, drawing on over 8 consecutive years as a qualifying Airbnb Superhost.

With a focus on 3 specific aspects of running an Airbnb business; the host, the property, and Airbnb itself, Neil provides step-by-step guidance on everything from ambiance creation to effective communication.

In each episode, a Superhost Secret will help you elevate your hosting game and keep guests coming back for more. Whether you're a seasoned host or just starting out, Neil’s actionable tips and tricks will help you become a hospitality superstar.

Disclaimer: The Airbnb Superhost is in no way affiliated with Airbnb. All ideas, thoughts, concepts and data presented in this podcast are entirely Neil’s own and do not represent the views of Airbnb.

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