In this episode, Misha and Professor Brett Frischmann discuss how technology is re-engineering humanity. They cover a wide range of topics including the current techno-social landscape, how techno-social engineering works, the Human Focused Turing Test, how user interface design decisions shape what we want and what we think we want, why engineering the world for happiness is a bad idea, how to detect if you’re becoming a machine, and more.

“This episode will change everything you think you know about yourself.” 


00:00 Rethinking the Turing Test: A New Perspective

02:51 Introducing Brett Frischmann

06:08 Brett's Diverse Academic Journey

20:19 The Human Impact of Techno-Social Engineering

25:05 Reverse Turing Test: Evaluating Human & Machine Similarities

28:11 The Dangers and Potentials of Techno-Social Engineering

37:18 Challenging the Notion of Engineered Happiness

47:53 The Role of Technology in Shaping Human Preferences

51:13 Understanding Nudging in the Digital Age

53:20 The Influence of Digital Environments on Behavior

54:22 The Pitfalls of E-Contracting and Digital Agreements

56:33 The Evolution of Contract Law in the Digital Age

59:03 The Power Dynamics of Digital Contracting

01:00:05 Reconfiguring Society Through Techno-Social Systems

01:00:32 Challenging the Dominance of Big Tech

01:02:43 The Role of Large Language Models in Shaping Humanity

01:09:19 The Importance of Commons in a Techno-Social World

01:25:38 Building a Future: Governance, Commons, and Technological Balance

01:40:02 Final Thoughts and Future Directions


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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist & tech writer. She is the founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on getting humanity ready for the future.

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