In this episode, host Misha da Vinci answers listener questions about technology, creativity, and prepping for the future. She emphasizes being adaptable, innovative, and entrepreneurial in a world rapidly changed by technology. Misha gives her insights on the impact of AI, deepfakes, and the loss of trust online, & she highlights the need for countermeasures. She also talks about the importance of a broad education, understanding technology, and maintaining a moral compass while wielding the power that come from mastery of tech. The ep ends with a positive outlook that emphasizes optimism and creativity as tools for navigating and shaping the future.

01:22 Why Another Podcast? The Unique Mission of The grftf Podcast

02:53 Decoding the Podcasts Name: Why is it pronounced grift?

03:55 AI's Impact: Are We Doomed or Is There Hope?

07:24 Deep Fakes: Navigating the New Age of Digital Deception

11:49 What Should Young People Study?

The OpenAI study that was mentioned: Occupational Heterogeneity in Exposure to Generative AI

19:11 Book Recommendations to Prepare for the Future

Get the book READ WRITE OWN by Chris Dixon

21:15 A Day in the Life of Misha da Vinci: Balancing Work and Passion

23:48 Essential Advice for Living in 2024: Adaptability, Creativity, and Optimism

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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist, tech thinker, and writer.

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