In this episode, Jay and Sarah discuss how to choose a dive operator or dive instructor. They emphasize the importance of considering factors such as eco-conservation efforts, integration with the local community, and safety protocols. They also highlight the need to research and gather information from word of mouth, social media, and review platforms like TripAdvisor. The conversation touches on the challenges of greenwashing and the importance of supporting operators that align with your values. 

They conclude by emphasizing the power of consumer choices in shaping the diving industry. 


00:00 Introduction and Initial Impressions00:53 Importance of Eco-Conservation and Local Community Integration07:09 Beware of Greenwashing10:35 Educating Yourself and Making Informed Choices13:10 Word of Mouth and Online Research23:27 Considering Safety and Personal Values24:55 The Power of Consumer Choices25:00 Choosing Dive Operators: Understanding Your Values26:02 Asking Open-Ended Questions: Ensuring Alignment with Your Goals27:01 Choosing Instructors: Considering Learning Style and Experience28:29 Diving the Way You Want: Selecting Instructors with Desired Skills31:05 Teaching Style Matters: Finding Effective Communicators35:37 Knowing Your Preferences: What Works Best for You as a Student

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