In this conversation, Jay and Sarah discuss boat etiquette for divers. They cover topics such as being a minimalist and bringing only necessary gear, being tidy and compact to save space on the boat, being prepared by calling ahead and knowing the boat's facilities, taking seasickness medication, keeping dry areas dry, and the importance of communication with the boat crew and fellow divers. 

They emphasize the need for divers to be respectful, follow the rules, and set a good example for others. In this conversation.  Also, the importance of tipping the boat crew and considerations for boat diving. They cover topics such as communication with the crew, being mindful of the boat layout, avoiding judgmental behavior, and tipping the crew. They also emphasize the importance of being prepared, knowing the location of safety equipment, and being aware of the downline and upline during dives. The conversation provides valuable insights for both experienced and novice boat divers.

The bottom line is making sure you're being respectful of the crew that are working hard to make sure you have a fun and safe dive!


Be a minimalist and bring only necessary gear to save space on the boat.Be tidy and compact to keep your gear organized and prevent accidents.Call ahead and be prepared by knowing the boat's facilities and requirements.Take seasickness medication and keep dry areas dry to ensure a comfortable dive.Communicate with the boat crew and fellow divers, follow the rules, and set a good example for others. Effective communication with the crew is crucial for a smooth boat diving experience.Being aware of the boat layout and positioning oneself in a considerate manner helps maintain a safe and organized environment.Avoid being judgmental or critical of other divers' gear or diving techniques.Tipping the crew is a common practice and shows appreciation for their hard work.Knowing the location of safety equipment and being mindful of the downline and upline during dives enhances safety.


00:00 Introduction00:26 The Importance of Boat Etiquette06:27 Tidiness and Compactness12:16 Preparation is Key13:21 Conquering Seasickness22:25 Mastering Communication with the Crew24:12 The Joy of Boat Diving26:06 Avoiding Judgmental Behavior: Don't Be a Boat Karen29:18 Don't Be a Back Deck Driver36:07 Navigating the Boat Layout: Tips and Considerations39:12 Tipping the Crew: Showing Appreciation42:59 Safety First: Knowing the Location of Safety Equipment44:36 Conclusion

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