Covid-19: Vaccine Myths Debunked with Dr Rocky Jedick MD, Maj USAFR - The Michael Sartain Podcast

Covid-19: Vaccine Myths Debunked with Dr Rocky Jedick MD, Maj USAFR - The Michael Sartain Podcast

Dr Rocky Jedick MD, MBA (IG @RockyJedi) is currently an ER doctor practicing in Las Vegas, NV. He's also a Major in the USAF reserves as well as a military flight surgeon. Dr Jedick operated as a COVID Relief Specialist in 3 cities in Texas from Aug 2020 - Mar 2021 caring exclusively for COVID patients.

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1:40 Dr Jedick’s qualifications
3:03 Witnessing Covid patients
5:03 Comorbidities
8:04 Why I got vaccinated
8:55 Using the mask as a political statement
10:39 Why we can’t unify
13:00 Main misconceptions about vaccines
15:03 Aerospace physiology, hypoxia
17:15 Natural immunity
19:15 mRNA technology
21:15 mRNA vaccines do not change your DNA
22:45 mRNA technology explained
24:36 You must compare the vaccine to the virus
28:27 Vaccine makes you less likely to suffer from severe illness and death
30:47 Catching the virus even when vaccinated
32:35 Impotency and pregnancy
36:00 13,000 deaths on VAERS website
39:30 Myocarditis
41:31 Statistical probabilities of death
44:21 “Why did you not get vaccinated?”
46:12 Israeli paper stating the vaccine causes more Covid-19
47:29 Ivermectin
49:23 Observational bias
50:11 A virus, a bacteria and a parasite
53:41 The tribe of ivermectin
55:05 Disprove your own hypothesis, the scientific method
55:55 Conspiracy theories, looking for an enemy
57:46 Actual conspiracy theories and actual science
59:30 Reasons we attracted to conspiracy theories
1:02:08 Vaccine autism debate
1:03:44 Evolution doesn’t always want what’s best for us
1:04:52 Dealing with a family member who believes in conspiracies
1:06:25 My opinion doesn’t matter
1:07:49 When the discussion gets out of hand
1:10:17 “As the area of our knowledge increases so does the perimeter of our ignorance.”
1:13:43 Vaccinated vs unvaccinated report
1:16:06 Mandating vaccinations

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