In this episode of the Telltales Podcast, hosts Mike Nicoletti, Jason Wallace, and Hunt Lawrence, aka Mr. Cashflow, delve into the crucial role of cashflow in investing, particularly focusing on the oil supply and demand dynamics, the energy sector, and the implications of geopolitical events on market risk. They also discuss U.S. government finances, investment strategies, and the tech landscape, including the competitive developments between OpenAI and Google, Apple's potential moves in AI, and the evolving digital payment ecosystem. Corporate finance strategies, market predictions, and the increasing influence of high-speed internet options like Starlink are also covered. The conversation wraps up with speculation on the future of mobile communication and the role of screens, signaling a shift towards more audio-based and AI-enhanced interfaces. This comprehensive discussion provides insights into current economic indicators, investment considerations, technological advancements, and the ongoing transformations in the business landscape.


04:11 Exhibit B: US GAS DEMAND / SUPPLY


05:38 Page 1: Open AI & Google competing for Apple business?

11:46 Is Meta a contender for the Apple deal?

13:22 Page 5: Comcast to offer streaming bundle

14:58 Page 4: Comcast v. Disney Streaming Bundles

15:54 Page 3: Intel Debt Stacking Up

17:25 Page 3: TSMC April Sales Report

19:01 Page 7: MA / V / PYPL

22:39 Page 16: MCD / SBUX / CMG / CELH / HLT

27:00 Page 1: Elon Musk & Tesla News

32:44 Page 1: Are screens going the way of the dodo?

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