Join hosts Michael Jaco and Brad Wozny in a riveting and fearless conversation that dives deep into the harrowing reality of Brad's life as a "man without a country." Targeted by powerful Canadian and U.S. corporations for defying mandates, Brad reveals his battle against travel restrictions, rights violations, and exile from North America. This epic dialogue is more than a recount of personal struggles—it's a clarion call to stand up against tyranny and seek the light of truth.

Explore the necessity of resilience and resistance in the face of oppressive systems, drawing historical parallels to warn of a communist threat in Canada and the U.S. Delve into the convergence of divine and natural laws over oppressive regimes, underscoring a shift towards a higher moral compass. Uncover the provocative theory of Commander-in-Chief Trump’s plan to merge Canada and Mexico into one America, backed by legal agreements, military coordination, and political allegations. Experience a deep dive into conspiracy theories involving military coups, government corruption, AI surveillance, and secret projects, with firsthand accounts of classified military interventions.

Hear Brad’s chilling recollections of his involvement with BlackBerry during 9/11, the untold stories from ground zero, and interactions with high-ranking officials. Discuss the Canadian Freedom Convoy, the strategic plans behind it, and the involvement of significant military figures in its coordination. Learn about Brad’s spiritual battles, near-death experiences, and the miraculous healing effects of alternative methods, drawing a powerful parallel to the ongoing fight for truth. Engage with predictions of societal transformation, economic crises, and a looming shift towards communism, emphasizing the importance of proactive participation in societal change.

Address pressing global issues like human trafficking, governmental corruption, and legal strategies for sovereignty, while promoting peaceful activism and self-empowerment. Discover the groundbreaking impact of LifeWave patches and other alternative health methods that offer hope and healing beyond traditional pharmaceuticals. Gain unique perspectives from elite military units and their experiences, highlighting the importance of safety, teamwork, and alternative holistic methods. Embrace the power of unity, proactive involvement, and spreading love and peace to uplift humanity’s consciousness in preparation for a Golden Age celebration.

This podcast is not just a story—it's a movement. With a blend of historical analysis, spiritual insights, and strategic theories, Michael Jaco and Brad Wozny invite you to join them on a journey of truth, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. Stand with us against tyranny and be part of the change. Subscribe now to "Unyielding Truth: A Journey Against Tyranny" and become a beacon of light in a world craving truth and justice.

Join host Michael Jaco, Ex-Navy Seal, who teaches you how to tap into your Intuition and Unleash the Power within, so you can become the Master of your Reality.

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