Raising a strong-willed child can feel like you're constantly locked in a power struggle. The same goes for parenting when your partner differs in approach. But here's something to consider in any relationship: When we prioritize connection over being right, we can begin to work together against a problem... instead of seeing each other as the problem. In this Deep Dive episode, mothers Jessica and Joanna come to Dr. Becky for advice on raising their opinionated daughter Jada differently from how they were raised, while navigating their own clashing parenting styles. As the three explore what's behind their tough moments with Jada, they discuss breaking intergenerational cycles, infusing difficult moments with playfulness, and switching up their rigid roles as parents. As always, Dr. Becky provides actionable takeaways for tricky situations—modeling scripts and strategies along the way.

A preview of the good inside this episode:

(3:00-7:09) : The influence of our own childhood in parenting

(7:21-14:02): Raising a strong-minded daughter

(14:09-19:07): Me against my kid vs me and my kid against a problem

(19:08-21:39): Giving kids specific time to be in control

(21:40-23:48): Using play to teach skills

(23:50-30:07): Consequences, fear, and behavioral compliance

(30:15-33:32): Thinking of your spouse as living on a different planet

(33:33-35:28): Mantras for difficult moments

(36:55-38:43) Tying it all together

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