In this intense episode we dig into the main issues preventing international and intercultural collaboration here on Earth which will prevent us from becoming a prosperous, inclusive, and peaceful multi-planetary species. In search of solutions, we begin with the power of law and then blast over to the ongoing space race between private actors and developing countries, uncovering who is really in power. Shattering conventional narratives along the way, we explore a supracultural code of space ethics, a way to ensure that space and its benefits for life on Earth remain accessible for all of humanity.

Our guest taking us on this journey of discovery is the bleeding-edge scientist Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty, Professor of Space and Society at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at the University of Arizona.


00:00:53 Intro

00:01:56 Explorers

00:07:54 The Power of Law

00:11:57 Crime at the International Space Station

00:14:17 Lobbying

00:17:38 Who is really in power?

00:19:04 Level playing field

00:20:45 Rich get richer and people get wiser

00:21:55 UNCOPUOS

00:24:55 Property Rights & Protection / Support by your country

00:27:38 Scarcity / Limited resources in Space

00:29:22 Have we learned from colonization?

00:32:02 Universal cosmological feeling / Oneness / Overview Effect

00:37:33 Supracultural code of space ethics / Consensus ad idem / a meeting of minds

00:40:33 Solving the ills of society before we deal with fanciful things like space exploration?

00:44:14 Poverty and inequality are the root of every problem / human rights principles

00:48:52 Universal Principles / Natural Law

00:55:20 Space World Utopia vs reality / Bipolar world

00:57:10 Shattering the narratives / Kumbaya / Sexiness of Space

00:59:33 Space Law enforcement

01:01:41 The school for the Future of Innovation in Society

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