Our body as a source of deep wisdom and as our grounding to deep belonging. Cristina Quijera

Our body as a source of deep wisdom and as our grounding to deep belonging. Cristina Quijera

The importance of having an understanding of the body as an equal to the mind in our sense of who we are, and of experiencing our body as a source of deep wisdom and grounding to the earth.

The body as and integral part of the mind - the body-mind

The sacred feminine and its emphasis on the body, and on movement like dance

The importance of the connection with the earth through our bodies and

grounding ourselves, to feel more safe and less confused

How to work with the psyche through the body and by working with different chakras depending on what is going on for us

How everyone with practice and patience can begin to really feel all parts of the body

Our modern societies promote disconnection from the body

How sensing the central axis of the body will also centre our mind

How our deepest aliveness is experienced in the body, and how we have often forgotten about this sensual body-knowledge

As children we live in that full aliveness of the body, and how we kill that sensibility by telling children to be quiet and to stop moving

How emotional energies can get stuck in some part of the body and how conscious movement can help us unblock these energies

About finding what kind of bodily movement most speaks to you, is it running, climbing, yoga, chi-gong, dance, svimming…

The beauty of good love-making and asking our body: “what do you want?”

About resting our busy mind in the grounded peace in our bodies

Our mind not being located in our brain, the mind is located al through the body

How our brain is also part of the body, and how we can physically relax this often contracted and stressed organ - the brain.

About release, how we can use the body to release and to open up organically so that there is more space

And how you need to feel very safe to even be able to let go, and that is where amongst other things, the rooting and grounding can play an important component

Working with surrender and faith and how is the opposite of our normal need for control

The importance of daily practice, if you want growth tohappen

Cristina talks about how she through her sensitivity in the body, received a message from her dying brother

Surrender lives in the chest, I the union of the lower and the higher chakras

How true strength has nothing to do with effort, and how flexibility is much stronger than rigidity

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