How powerful trauma while rowing the Pacific Ocean, led to profound healing, connection, trust and love. Sarah Outen

How powerful trauma while rowing the Pacific Ocean, led to profound healing, connection, trust and love. Sarah Outen

Wild and soft adventurer Sarah Outen rowed solo across the planets big oceans and cycled across the continents. She tells us what the oceans taught her, and how the ocean is such a good metaphor for life. Those big waves that throw you around and sometimes crush you, but how, if you just let them move through, and trust the process, good weather will come back…

Sarah tells the back story to how she came to row across the Indian ocean, and how the grief over the sudden death of her father was a key factor to her deciding to row solo. And how that first journey lead to a quest to seek out more oceans and continents

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We speak about how sometimes you have to just do those things you dream of, if not now, when?

How different needs arise as we continue on lives journey

The differences between being with lots of people , or in complete solitude out on the ocean

The surrendering to the experience -

The ocean as a metaphor for life, the way it is always in movement, knocks you down, picks you up, etc.

How on the ocean you just have to find a way, to survive, even when you are terrified

How to welcome the fear, and keep remembering, that we have to keep going through these processes

How life on the ocean can often be easier, less choices, more simplicity, more clarity

Fearing coming back on land after 4 months alone at sea

The gorgeous word “discombobulating” when describing life…

Waste, materialism and the disconnect to our planet, to where we come from

How when we feel connected to the earth we feel that deep belonging - feeling of coming home

Her difficult journey with PTSD due to being caught for days in a tropical storm on the Pacific

Going to boarding school at 8 years old, that has consequences

How the storms might even bring you a wife

Training to be a therapist

How she has now got 4 Donkeys, and is learning lots of donkey wisdom

We talk about our relationship to rest, to setting boundaries and being clear in our communication

What does settling down mean?

The constrictions of labelling and expectations

Sarah’s ABC of what it takes to row across an ocean: attitude, belief and courage

We talk about the beautiful softness in vulnerability

Trusting the processes and the fluidity of life

Letting go is the chance for letting something new in, for change

How the best stuff comes from life not going to plan

Trust the mess and bless the mess - you will come out the other side and everything changes

Let go of effort, and peace will arrive - Rumi

You have to let go to have a go

Being scared of our own bubbles - our own mind is our biggest challenge

Being with sperm whales and knowing that there is a deep, almost spiritual connection.

The connectedness to the universe that came from being alone in nature for so long

Disconnection and remembering to reconnect again

The importance of nourishing ourselves

The best way of surviving life well, is by preparing the territory with softness, care and nurture

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