In this episode, Dr Nicola Rinaldi debunks 11 myths associated with HA diagnosis.

1 - You can only lose your period if you are underweight / if you have an ED -MYTH

2 - BCP or Provera can "kickstart" ("normalize") your cycles - MYTH
More on this via

3 - You can't have HA if your hormonal levels are "normal"- MORE NUANCE NEEDED

4 - (in ED recovery) If you are "weight restored" (have a BMI of 19), it's fine not to have a period - you are recovered- MYTH
Find a list of HAES ED practitioners here and CBT for ED practitioners here 

5 - Gaining weight won't help you get your period back - MORE NUANCE NEEDED

6 - If you don't "control" your weight, you'll keep on gaining - MORE NUANCE NEEDED
More about the set point weight theory here

7 - Exercise is a good thing. You can't have too much of it.- MYTH
More on exercise and HA recovery here

8 - If you are not an elite athlete, exercise can't be the reason you don't have periods - MYTH

9 - Doctors can diagnose HA on your looks / weight / estrogen levels (what are the real hormones we need to diagnose + AMH) - MYTH

10 - It can take up to a year to get periods after coming off birth control - MYTH
90% of menstruators will ovulate within 30 days of coming off BC, another 5% take 90 days, the rest need to be investigated for underlying issues. More on this here

11- "Clean" eating is what will bring your fertility back (or cure PCOS) - MYTH
Listen to episode 5 on dieting efficiency for insulin resistance

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