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What to Know Before Starting to Compete, How to Avoid Getting "Lost" in the Online Space, How to Focus on Form when Starting Out | PD Podcast Ep.4

What to Know Before Starting to Compete, How to Avoid Getting "Lost" in the Online Space, How to Focus on Form when Starting Out | PD Podcast Ep.4

There are many things you should consider when thinking about your first competition prep for a physique sport. When it comes down to it, you may have your ducks in a row physically but there is a list of things you may be forgetting about when it comes to the logistics of competing in a competition like this one. In our first segment, we dive into everything you need to know before you start competing.

Entering the fitness industry with your eyes set on making an impact is a noble pursuit. It has potential to be filled with impact, influence, and creating a successful career. With that comes the potential of getting lost, or wrapped up in the industry as a whole, not knowing how you got there or where to go next. In our second segment, we dive into things to keep in mind to ensure you set yourself up for success, and create needed space between you and others trying to do the same thing.

Finally, does exercise technique matter? If I do not focus on improving it will it impact my goals of building muscle and strength? As you could imagine, exercise technique is on the top of our list. Before you get caught up in adding sets or reps to your workouts, be sure that your execution is where it needs to be to ensure you are placing tension on the target muscle(s) through its respective range of motion. Exercise technique is a fundamental of strength training. If you’ve spent time playing sports growing up, you’ll know fundamentals are something you cannot get very far without.

(1:16) Question 1: What Do You Need To Know Before You Start Competing?

(23:17) Question 2: How Do You Avoid Getting "Lost" in the Online Space?

(50:43) Question 3: How Does One Focus on Form when Starting on Their Fitness Journey?

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