Robin Hanson: Mind Uploads could be a bigger revolution than AI

Robin Hanson: Mind Uploads could be a bigger revolution than AI

Robin Hanson on how mind uploads could make space irrelevant.

The Fermi paradox is the mysterious lack of traces of alien

civilized life.

Professor Robin Hanson invented a term to describe that something may doom all civilizations to die before they go interplanetary (and become visible from earth). He coined this unknown factor "The Great Filter". Today, the term Great Filter has become quite mainstream and understandable - just look at Elon Musk's pinned tweet since august: "We must pass the great filter."

But Robin has moved on - this idea was his in 1996! We want to know what he's up to next. So this episode is not about the great filter, but about Robin's

excellent, and very unique, book "Age of Em". (We'll have to save his new book "Elephant in the brain" for later - we only had two hours!)

Robin Hanson's homepage:

The Age of Em, audiobook:

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