Jason Moore is the host of the Zero to Travel podcast, one of the longest-running and most widely listened to travel podcasts available. Jason is also the co-founder of Location Indie, an online community that helps people combine their love of travel and entrepreneurship into sustainable ways of life that are not dependent on being in a single location. After interviewing over 400 travellers over the past 7 years on his podcast, Jason is here to share with us his nuanced perspectives on the state of travel and evolving perspectives on "What travel really means?".  As well, Jason is a fellow USAmerican living in Oslo, Norway, neighbour and a good friend, so we have lots to reflect on about life in and "outside the box". If you like what you hear on this show, you can check out an episode we did together over on his podcast and many others at The Zero to Travel Podcast. Follow Jason on YouTube | Twitter |

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00:01:55 Etymology of the Word Travel

00:05:48 How this podcast got started

00:07:05 What does Transnaturalism really mean? An example...The Global Potato!

00:09:17 Living in Norway: Where Nature is the Home of Culture! How does nature inform the culture?

00:11:15 Zero 2 Travel Podcast: Sharing perspectives & Helping people travel the world on their terms

00:19:23 Changes in perceptions of travel due to climate change and pandemic times. Have you seen any trends happening in the way that people are travelling?

00:20:37 Human Powered & Slow Travel

00:26:44 Josh’s month biking trip in Norway, the layers of that experience & identifying with the roadside flora and fauna.

00:30:43 Shifting your mindset: Finding nature in cities and Landscape Architecture.

00:35:20 Get that “travel feeling” in your daily life and creating your own micro-adventures

00:39:27 Choosing Your own Adventure & the evolution of the travel mindset

00:46:05 Why study the Outdoors?...and the associated myths

00:48:00 Taking the time and space to appreciate things...when away or at home

00:50:58 Setting limitations in a world of unlimited options may lead to more freedom. The pandemic puts this to the test in a big way.

00:54:25 Digital Nomadism, Location Independence, and the Triangle of freedom

00:58:42 Personal fulfillment can lead to a positive impact on your community and environment at large

01:02:19 How can you connect with Jason?

01:03:41 Closing thoughts


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