Read along to practice your English and to learn the English phrases TO BUMP INTO SOMEONE and TO BUMP HEADS WITH SOMEONE

In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, "To bump into someone." Now, this can mean to literally bump into someone. When you're standing in line and you're standing really close, if you step forward without looking, you might bump into the person in front of you. But we also use this to mean to run into someone, or to meet someone randomly when you go somewhere. I could say something like this, "Jen, I went to the grocery store and I bumped into my brother while I was there." This simply means that I wasn't expecting my brother to be there, but while I was at the grocery store, I saw him and I had a conversation. It doesn't mean that we actually walked into each other. It simply means that we bumped into each other. We met each other randomly without expecting to see each other there.


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The second phrase I wanted to teach you today is to bump heads with someone. Now, this has quite a bit of a different meaning. This means to get into an argument, or into a fight with someone. When you bump heads with someone, it means you don't agree with them. You might have someone that you work with and you just never agree with them, and you're always bumping heads with them. You would say, "Oh, the other day I was talking to Joe at work and we were bumping heads again. I bumped heads with him, because we just could not agree on the same thing." So when you bump heads with someone, it means that you disagree with them.

So to review, when you bump into someone, it means that you meet them randomly, or unexpectedly, and when you bump heads with someone, it means that you get into an argument with them, that you get into a disagreement with them.

So let's look at a comment from a previous video. This comment is from Andrew, and Andrew says, "Hi, Teacher Bob, happy Thanksgiving." It was a nice day, by the way, a couple of days ago. "I got a question. A year ago, you told us your family was about to buy another puppy, but the prices were through the roof. Two to $3,000 for a pup. Has the dog market changed after all this crazy quarantine stuff?" And my response is this. "We're thinking that we might get one this coming spring. Prices have come down a bit, but not enough yet."

So, yeah, it was kind of weird, during the middle of the pandemic, dogs or puppies were very, very expensive, so we didn't get one. We might still get one later this fall, but I doubt it, because it's easier to train a dog once the winter is over. So we're thinking now we might get a puppy later this spring.

I'm looking up because I'm walking this way, so you can see that the leaves have started to change color. Let me do that thing once again, where I spin you guys around and let you have a look here. You can see that we have some reds, and we have some yellows, maybe even a few tinges of orange starting to come. It's really nice at this time of year, when the leaves start to turn color. 

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